Porsche’s new Macan goes Continental

Porsche has placed its trust in Continental tyres for its new Macan SUV, with both summer and winter tyre approvals.

New Hyundai ix35

Hyundai sales soar in 2014

Hyundai Motor posted positive gains in the European car market during the first quarter, in line with the company’s qualitative growth targets set out at the beginning of 2014.


Revamped Touareg set for Beijing debut

The redesigned Volkswagen Touareg has made its debut at the Auto China show in Beijing.



Long Term Report: Peugeot RCZ

Members of the Peugeot RCZ forum are planning a Yorkshire Meet to chinwag over shared experiences with their cars and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with driving something a bit interesting and out of the norm.


Long Term Report: Skoda Rapid

This is our penultimate Rapid update, and as I start thinking about its departure, one thing keeps cropping up in my mind…


Long Term Report: Kia Sorento

After a year behind the wheel of Kia’s large off-roader, Pete Carr tells a tale of how rewarding it has been.



Winter Washing

Yes it’s the time of year for rain, wind, snow and ice. Hardly conditions to inspire even the most hardened car cleaner to fill their bucket. But we show you how to achieve a showroom finish, in half the time.


The Extra Mile

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe is currently involved in developing new global fuel consumption and emissions test cycles, along with experts from India, Japan, the USA and China. The results are due to be adopted by the EC and


Top 3: Legendary diesel engines

Sometimes an engine can make or break a car. It might look stunning, be better built than anything else on the market and have more toys than a toy shop but if the engine isn’t a good one, the car will quickly be forgotten.

Legal i


Emergency speeding

Are emergency vehicles exempt from speed limits? We have the answer…


Legal eye!

We explore the legal requirements about how good a driver’s eyesight has to be.


Sleeping in my car

If I drive to a party, but decide that due to the amount of alcohol consumed I should not drive, is it legal for me to sleep in the car?

Gadget Inspector


Snow joke

The cheeky guys at Dodo Juice have come up with a clever play on words for its latest car cleaning product. Dubbed Apple iFoam, it acts like a super-clingy snow foam, covering the car with a thick blanket of cleaning

Diesel Turbo Cleaner Kit Box1

Deep vane cleaning

Diesel Turbo Cleaner works in a three-stage process and is ideal for all diesel engines that come equipped with a variable vane turbocharger.

2014 Road Atlas1

On the right road

AA’s latest road atlas for 2014 is just arriving in shops and at £9.99 for a scale of three miles to an inch it is great value.

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