Volvo add R-Design to the Hybrid mix

The super-efficient Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid – one of the best-selling hybrid-electrified vehicles in Europe in 2013 – is now also available in Volvo Cars’ R-Design specification.

70678-70679nis-NV400 vans

Nissan’s NV400 revised

Nissan has announced improvements to its NV400 range including a low emission Euro 5 engine and a number of specification upgrades on both panel vans and factory-built conversions.


SEAT say ‘appy birthday ‘biza

This coming Sunday (27 April 2014) will be exactly 30 years since the very first SEAT Ibiza rolled off the production line in SEAT’s Zona Franca factory.



Long Term Report: Dacia Duster

It’s been another work-man like month, with journeys the length and breadth of the country, and the car sailing past the 10,000 mile mark.


Long Term Report: Ford Kuga

Last month, I touched on the great all-round visibility that the Kuga gives, thanks to its more upright styling and command-like driving experience.


Long Term Report: Seat Leon FR

It’s time to wave goodbye to one of the sportiest vehicles on our fleet, yet funnily enough boasts some of the lowest set of running costs.



Getting into deep water

It’s Phil, of the previous correspondence on Hyundai i30 mpg & winter fuel. I am well behind in reading my Diesel Car subscription. Looking at the subject of flood water ingress into the engine, did you know that the Vauxhall


Top 3 ‘Easter’ Bonnets

Take a moment away from your chocolate eggs as Diesel Car considers a very timely top three on this seasonal Sunday – our top three car bonnets, just in time for Easter…


Back to basics: Selective Catalytic Reduction

We’re going to read a lot more about selective catalyst reduction, or SCR for short, in the coming years, as this technique appears likely to become the widely accepted method for meeting the latest, (Euro 6) tougher emissions limits for

Legal i


Emergency speeding

Are emergency vehicles exempt from speed limits? We have the answer…


Legal eye!

We explore the legal requirements about how good a driver’s eyesight has to be.


Sleeping in my car

If I drive to a party, but decide that due to the amount of alcohol consumed I should not drive, is it legal for me to sleep in the car?

Gadget Inspector


Lighting the way

It’s all well and good putting time and effort into cleaning your car if the headlights look dull and discoloured, letting down the overall look of your shiny car. Over time, the plastic on the headlights oxidise, scratch and go


Snow joke

The cheeky guys at Dodo Juice have come up with a clever play on words for its latest car cleaning product. Dubbed Apple iFoam, it acts like a super-clingy snow foam, covering the car with a thick blanket of cleaning

Diesel Turbo Cleaner Kit Box1

Deep vane cleaning

Diesel Turbo Cleaner works in a three-stage process and is ideal for all diesel engines that come equipped with a variable vane turbocharger.

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